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Summertime Sweetness

  The best things in life always arrive in summer – sunshine, school holidays and a series of sweet fruits brimming with juicy goodness. But summer fruits aren’t just delicious, they’re also super healthy, providing your body with all the…

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OK backs the BOKS against Wales!

Get ready for another international clash! This time between the SPRINGBOKS and WALES in Cardiff on Saturday 26 November. Don’t get caught off-side! Scrum down in front of the TV with friends and family. Pile on your favourite drinks and…

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Keeping Sweet Healthy

Diabetes claims the lives of thousands of adults in Southern Africa every year, and while some diabetics are born with the condition, a variation of the disease, TYPE 2 Diabetes is associated with a lifetime of poor dietary choices and…

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Let’s talk Guy Fawkes

  On 5 November some of us celebrate Guy Fawkes – the historical character who planned the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – with fireworks and crackers. As fun and visually dazzling as fireworks are, let’s not forget our pets during…

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