Think Outside the Lunchbox

Fun Lunchbox Ideas for Your Kids

If you want your kids to come home with an empty lunchbox every day, try some of these fun ideas to make them the coolest kid on the playground. At OK we have the best-priced, freshest produce from our fruit and veg department, bakery, and butchery to keep your child fed and happy!

Peanut Butter & Jam Roll-ups: 

Grab those leftover wraps you have lying in the cupboard, and spoon on a generous dollop of peanut butter and spread in a thick layer with your child’s favourite jam. Roll the wrap up and cut into three pieces. For something even sweeter, use leftover pancakes and Nutella chocolate spread instead!

Star-Shaped Sandwiches: 

Simply make your child their favourite sandwich but spice it up with this enticing twist! Cut the sandwich into the shape of a star (best done with a cookie cutter if you have one) and give them a special lunchtime surprise! 

Frozen Fruit Cups: 

The ideal summer treat, this snack is both fun and healthy! Grab all your seasonal, fresh fruit (that you bought from OK of course) and cut them into slices. Place a portion into a freezer-friendly cup and fill with orange juice. Pop on a lid and leave in the freezer overnight. Once it’s time for your little one’s lunchbreak, they will have a sweet slushy to devour!  

Simple Sosatis: 

Kids love food on sticks! These snacks are so simple, all they require are a couple bamboo kebab sticks and whatever lunchbox snack you can think of. You can skewer just about anything, from cherry tomatoes with cheese, to chicken strips, meatballs and even cubed fruit! This is bound to be a hit! 

Tackle Box Snacks: 

A genius plan to get your kids to eat some healthy snacks. Get your hands on a small tackle box (yes, the type your husband uses when he goes fishing) and divide snacks into each square – from nuts, grapes, dried fruit, pretzels, carrots, cucumber and sweets. The possibilities are endless!