LIFESTYLE | 2018-09-14

Browse through a secondhand book store

They say a secondhand book tells more than one story. Most towns have one of these stores, usually hidden away; the owner, an eccentric character and without a doubt, there’d be a cat on the counter. Apart from paying a ridiculously cheap price for a great title, there is an added bonus. Snacks! Books and treats – there is no greater combo. Stock up at OK – our range of crispy chips, dried fruit, sweets, chocolates, biscuits and biltong is simply wonderful. Now, all you have to do is turn the page.


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Give your crush a bunch of beautiful flowers

C’mon! You’ll score so many points. Better yet. What’s your partner’s favourite colour? Then get a bunch at OK in that colour. Pincushions, lilies, proteas and that ‘guaranteed to get your foot in the door’ favourite, the rose. There is always a wild mix to choose from. Oh, and write a note in a little card to go along. It’ll go a long way …


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Pamper your cat, dog, goldfish, hamster, piglet or parakeet

You’ve spring cleaned your house, you’ve packed away your winter clothes, now turn your attention to your pet. Check out all the treats, bowls, toys and other fun things we have in our pet section. Fido is fed up with that 2-litre ice cream bucket as a water bowl. Put a wag in their tail and a spring in their step too.


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Who’s keen for a braai?

Braaibroodjies … food of the gods – weather you like onion in it or not. The sun is out, birds are chirping and it’s a whole weekend before you have to go back to work. So strike a match, light that fire and get gesellig. We all have our favourite braai dishes that accompany what’s on the rooster. Stock up for yours at OK. From the homemade coleslaw right through to the chocolate pud, your braai is guaranteed to be the highlight of the week.


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