Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Fires

LIFESTYLE | 2016-01-29

It’s no secret that South Africa’s favourite pastime is getting together around a fire, cracking open a cold one and being outside with friends and family, while braaiing delicious food and making great memories. Having a braai is about returning to those simple things in life that are easily forgotten while we get caught up in our fast-paced lifestyles and day-to-day responsibilities. One of these simple pleasures is biting into that perfectly braaied, juicy boerie roll.

At OK we pride ourselves in our exclusive OK Choice Boerewors – a delicious recipe expertly made by our butchers using only the best quality, freshest ingredients. So light your fires, butter those rolls and enjoy the mouth-watering taste of OK Choice Boerewors – a perfect companion to any braai.


Boerie Braai Tips

Be an expert boerie-braaier with these basic tips to make sure your boerie rolls are delicious every time!

Choose Quality: When you use the best quality meat you can find, you’ve won half the battle to the perfect boerie-roll. Good thing you’ve chosen OK’s Choice Boerewors!

Keep it Fresh: Avoid freezing and then defrosting boerewors. Freshness always tastes better, so plan ahead and buy your boerewors and rolls on the day you’re having a braai.

Fire: Just like you shouldn’t test the bathwater with both feet, you shouldn’t just gooi boerewors (or any other meat) onto your braai without knowing how hot your coals are. Boerewors likes to be braaied over a medium heat. To test if the fire is ready, hold one hand over the coals, then start counting. If you can count to five without having to yank your hand away, then the coals are at a medium temperature, and you’re ready to braai.

Keep it in One Piece: The easiest way to braai boerie, is by coiling it and securing it in a closed grid. That way you can braai and turn it with ease. Never pierce the skin – when you do, all those juices and flavours will drip into the fire.

Timing: The meat inside the casing should be cooked to medium. To achieve this, braai the boerewors for about 8 – 10 minutes, turning it often so that the skin doesn’t burn or burst.

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Go Gourmet!

OK’s Choice Boerewors is delicious all by itself, so there’s no reason to overcomplicate things, but if you’re in the mood for something a little more gourmet, try these tasty topping ideas and take your taste-buds (and your taste buddies) on a foodie adventure!

– Tomato relish, jalapenos, sour cream and fresh coriander
– Crispy bacon, mozzarella and fresh basil
– Caramelised onion and crumbled blue cheese
– Wholegrain mustard mayo, avocado slices and fresh rocket