Take a walk to health and fitness

LIFESTYLE | 2016-11-03




Take a walk and you’ll be ok!

The days are getting longer as spring advances towards summer and it’s time to get out into the sunshine and fresh air again! No matter where you live in Southern Africa, there are so many options from parks to beaches, mountain trails and suburban backroads, where you can head out and stretch your legs.


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Make it part of your errands

Taking an aimless walk can be great. It’s an opportunity to walk your dog, or chat with a friend or loved one… but what about making a walk part of the things you really need to do?
If you don’t already take a walk to get the daily essentials, this spring is the perfect time to start! Find out where your nearest local OK is and provided it’s not too far, take a walk on down and make friends with an owner you can count on!
The walk back home with a bag or two in your hands or backpack makes for a great light workout, too.
Do this for a month and you’re sure to feel the benefits!

See you out and about!


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