Winter is here and it’s OK.

LIFESTYLE | 2017-04-20

We’re right in the heart of winter, and while the chilly days might leave you longing for summer, take a minute to enjoy this period of rest while it lasts. If summer was the time for parties, outdoor activities and plenty of fun in the sun, then winter surely is the season of calmer days, cosy indoor pursuits, and heartwarming meals shared with the ones you love. Here’s how you can break the cycle of winter dreariness and stay warm with OK this winter:

Coffee mornings:

One of the hardest things about winter is leaving your warm, cosy bed and stepping out into the wintry world. Ease everyone into the day with a coffee morning. Each morning, prepare tea / coffee / hot chocolate for your family, to lure them out of bed and get them ready for the day ahead. Starting each day together as a family, over a hot cup of coffee and rusks, will surely help to chase the winter blues away. Give everyone in the family have a turn to host coffee morning.


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Heartwarming feasts:

Winter weekends afford the perfect opportunity to invite family and friends over for long afternoon meals. Hearty vegetable stews, hot curries, and Sunday roasts are ideal meals around which to host a get together with loved ones, to stay indoors and while away the chilly days with good company and great food.


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Movie marathon:

Stay snug indoors and spend a day watching everybody’s favourite movies, accompanied of course with all of the best movie snacks. Popcorn is obligatory!


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Baker day:

When you’re feeling cold and gloomy, buck up and bake! A warm malva pudding, delectable chocolate brownies, or easy mix muffins. OK has all the goods for from-scratch baking, or quick mix recipes (or even a ready-made treat from the bakery, we won’t tell!).


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Soup kitchen:

Host a soup kitchen day. Soup is an easy and inexpensive meal to make in bulk, and when a group of family or friends come together to contribute, it’s even better! Not only will you be spending time and having fun with loved ones, but donating a hot pot of soup to those in need will go a long way to warming your own hearts.

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