Newsroom | 2020-05-26

We are very proud to share the story of how one of our managers recently went out of her way to help her shoppers.

With all the negative stories and incidents we are confronted with every day, it is heartening to hear a compliment from a client that shows how members of our OK family are going above and beyond to serve their communities.

Mrs Terblanche explains that her husband has a medical condition, which means this couple from Paarl in the Western Cape have to plan their grocery trips carefully to avoid any unnecessary exposure. When they could not find flour in any of the stores close to their home,  they visited the OK MiniMark in Denneburg in the hopes of finding this essential there. Unfortunately the product was out of stock  but store manager Joanne assured them that the order will be delivered in the next few days. In the end, not only did she honour her word of contacting them when the order was delivered, she also went out of her way to deliver it to their home personally.

Mrs Terblanche is delighted that there are still people who would go to so much trouble to keep their customers happy. Joanne was praised for her exceptional customer service by the Terblanche couple, who are now willing to drive a little further to do their grocery shopping at OK MiniMark Denneburg, and they are encouraging their friends to do the same.

Joanne has proven herself to be a manager you can count on. Well done and keep up the good work. We thank all the OK owners, managers and store employees who are going the extra mile in these trying times – it is clear that your communities appreciate it.