The Easter Holidays is a wonderful time for family bonding — as long as you have enough ideas to keep those energetic young souls occupied. Here are a few holiday activities you can do with your children.

1. The good old Easter egg hunt

An oldie, but a goldie. Children love a good treasure hunt, and the Easter egg hunt is probably the most popular one around the world. You can join an organised one in your community, or simply do what families have been doing for generations: organise and have your own in your garden — or even inside your home. All you need is a few Easter eggs or other treats and some imagination.

2. Create art together

Doing an activity with your children makes you see things from the same perspective and aligns you around a mutual goal. Have you ever tried drawing or painting with your child? Decide on an object in your home or garden and then draw or paint it. Afterwards, you can talk about the differences between your artworks. Or you can be brave and do a collaborative artwork by drawing on the same paper! You don’t have to be artistic to do this — it’s about the experience of doing something fun together!

3. Share your songs

Another way to bond with your children is to share your 3 favourite songs with each other. This is a great way to get into the minds of difficult teenagers but is also a way for your children to understand something about you that you might not share every day. Allow each person in the family to play their 3 songs and describe why they love them so much and how it makes them feel.

4. Go somewhere you’ve never gone before

Holidays should also be about taking your mind off the things you normally do. Going somewhere none of you have gone before allows you to experience something together for the first time and forces you to get out of the house and explore nature or your city.

5. Make the world a better place

Ask your children to help you pick a project that will positively impact your neighbourhood or people you know. This could be anything from cleaning up the beach to spending some time at an animal shelter to planting a tree. Do something small and practical. It will add immeasurable value to your children’s sense of their place in the world.