Be The Master Of Your Steaks This Braai Day

Steak is by far the easiest thing to mess up on the braai: if you’re not careful, you’ll have a charred, chewy piece of meat. To be the ultimate braai master, you need to understand the different cuts of steak and how to prepare them. So, here’s to braaing the perfect steak this Braai Day!

A Cut Above: Different Types Of Steak

The first rule of having a proper braai is to invest in quality meat. Luckily, A-grade steaks come in all shapes, cuts, and sizes. To start us off, ribeye is considered a top-quality meat. It’s taken from a section of the rib and is also cut from a column called the eye. The fat content keeps it moist while braaing, making it a very juicy steak. T-bones are also considered one of the highest quality steaks due to their tenderness and flavour. 


Sirloin is a part of the loin and has a layer of fat above that adds flavour to the piece of meat while braaing – making it one of the best cuts to braai. A fillet is a super-tender strip of meat that runs horizontally behind the sirloin and rump. It’s best when it’s braaied lightly. To prepare for Braai Day, head to the Butchery section at OK and have a chat with one of your friendly butchers. They’ll happily assist you in choosing the best cut.

Preparing And Braaing Your Steak

Steaks can be braaied in various ways to suit each person’s preference, ranging from rare to thoroughly cooked through. Your steak should always be at room temperature before braaiing – the proteins are relaxed, helping result in a more tender meat. If you’ve bought a piece of high-quality meat, you really don’t need to overdo the seasoning. A generous sprinkle of salt and pepper should do the trick. 


To judge whether a steak is done: a 2cm steak needs 3 minutes on each side for rare and 4-5 minutes for medium. You can also check out this simple recipe on how to braai the perfect steak. 


We all know that a braai is never really complete without other meats and of course – sides! Don’t forget your wors, some veggies, sauces, snacks, and liquor to complete your Braai Day celebrations with your nearest and dearest. What’s your favourite cut of steak? Head to your nearest OK store or have a look at our Facebook page for big cuts at the lowest prices!