There’s no point in denying it: Kids don’t like fruits and vegetables. Hence the age-old question: How do you get your kids to eat more? Don’t give up just yet. In honour of World Fruit Day (1 July 2023), we’ve got a few tips on how to sneak more fruit and veg into your little ones’ diets — minus the tears and tantrums!

1. Get grating

If your fussy eater is put off by chunks of veg in their food, try grating it instead. Grating vegetables makes them less noticeable and they cook quicker, so they’ll be nice and soft when it comes to eating. You could try grating baby marrows into casseroles and sauces; apple into porridge; carrots into a homemade burger mix; or broccoli into macaroni cheese. The list is endless!

2. Blend it

If you have a really picky palate to contend with — it’s time to start blending. When making a sauce, make it a hidden vegetable sauce by adding as much chopped veg as you like, then whizzing it all up to a smooth consistency. They’ll never know their spaghetti dish is packed with carrots, baby marrows, mushrooms, peppers and/or spinach! And of course, blended smoothies are a great way to sneak more fruit into breakfast and snack times.

3. Take advantage of baked goods

What kid doesn’t love muffins, bread, or cookies? Both fruit and veggies can easily be blended into muffins or other baked goods for an extra dose of nutrition. With everything from banana bread, zucchini muffins, blueberry muffins to pineapple or carrot muffins — picky eaters won’t have a clue they’re getting extra nutrition. Plus — you can bake, cool, and freeze them to have on hand anytime.

4. Get kids involved

Kids are more likely to eat foods they’ve had a hand in creating. Make mealtime fun by allowing them to add their own veggie pizza toppings or cutting up their own fruit for a smoothie. They’ll be desperate to taste what they’ve created! Picky eaters have so much fun getting messy, they won’t have a clue they’re getting extra nutrition.

This World Fruit Day — avoid a dinnertime showdown! Stop by the fresh fruit and veg section at your nearest OK Foods for all the produce you need to get clever in the kitchen.