How To Stay Active In Winter

During the winter months, it becomes a little too easy to abandon your workout routine. With the dropping temperatures, the darkening sky, and the chilly wind, the season seems to be begging you to stay indoors and hibernate on your couch under a mountain of blankets. But don’t give up just yet. Here’s a few ideas to help you stay active throughout winter.

Find a fitness buddy

You might be tempted to hit snooze on that early-morning walk, but would you if there was someone waiting for you? Many people find that the best way to motivate themselves to exercise — especially on those chilly mornings — is to find a buddy. Studies show that you are much more likely to stay active when you have a friend to hold yourself accountable to. Not only that, you’re also more likely to try harder, and try new things when you have someone spurring you on!

Take advantage of technology

Exercise with your smartphone or computer — from the comfort of your own home! Did you know there are thousands of health and fitness videos and apps out there? You can choose from free or inexpensive subscription programmes, celebrity fitness trainers, and training apps that act like a personal trainer right on your phone. Or you can try yoga or other free, guided workouts. Many routines often involve body-weight exercises, proving that fancy gym equipment isn’t a necessity to stay active in winter.

Turn housework into a workout

Staying active doesn’t have to involve a traditional workout. You can stay active by keeping up with household chores like vacuuming, dusting and sweeping, preparing your garden for the spring, or organising. Doing household chores can get your heart rate up and burn a significant number of calories. You can even try to make your chores a bit more of a challenge. For example, do some gentle squats while you fill the washing machine! Try it — you’ll be ‘exer-cleaning’ in no time.

Take a walk in the right gear

Just because the weather is colder, doesn't mean you can’t still enjoy a nice walk. Walking is a great way to stay active — and while it may seem easy, it can have a big impact on your health. All you have to do is make sure you’re wearing the right clothes. Being comfortable in the cold weather is all about layering up and staying insulated. Your must-haves should include a warm pair of socks, sneakers, a jacket that keeps you warm but also protects you from the elements, a hat or beanie, and maybe a scarf.