Keeping Sweet Healthy

Newsroom | 2016-11-16


Diabetes claims the lives of thousands of adults in Southern Africa every year, and while some diabetics are born with the condition, a variation of the disease, TYPE 2 Diabetes is associated with a lifetime of poor dietary choices and a high refined sugar intake.

So much of our food supply is crammed full of sugar that one needs to be a discerning shopper and make informed choices to keep the daily intake down.

OK recognizes Diabetes month and we are actively promoting healthier food choices and urging our customers to keep an eye on the amount of sugar in their diets. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, certain grains, meats and dairy options are all considered diabetic friendly. The more natural and less processed a food is usually means it has a lower sugar content.

So whether you are diabetic or not, consider your health this month and keep the sugar intake down with healthier options!