Fresh Is Best at OK

Every day, long before you’ve even had a chance to snooze your alarm clock for the second time and long before our doors open for the day, OK’s bakers are hard at work baking the freshest breads, pastries, cakes and pies.  

Come browse through our selection of freshly baked goods – whether you’re looking for a breakfast pastry or a cake for your colleague’s birthday, a lunchtime pie to get you through the day, or to pick up the bread (and milk) on your way home. OK Foods is here to make your life a little more convenient, every day! #OwnersYouCanCountOn

Waste Not, Want Not!

Not every slice of bread needs to be made into a sandwich, and stale bread isn’t necessarily meant for the birds. Here are some fresh ideas for those times when you only have stale bread at home.

  • Croutons: Cut the stale bread into cubes, place them in a roasting tray, drizzle over a glug of olive oil and toast until golden and crunchy. Great for soups and salads. 
  • Meatballs: Make breadcrumbs by toasting slices, then grating the toasted slices. Use the crumbs as part of your meatball mixture. You can also freeze the breadcrumbs to use later on.

Stuffing Life might be too short to stuff a mushroom, but it’s definitely not too short to stuff a chicken. Grate stale bread and combine it with your favourite herbs, lemon zest and juice and butter. Stuff the chicken’s cavity, close the opening using either toothpicks or a halved lemon and roast the bird in the oven like you usually would, and dish up. Delicious. 

  • Toppings: Combine parmesan and breadcrumbs to add some crunch to your mac & cheese by using this as a topping while it’s baking. 
  • Fondue: Cut the stale bread into bite-sized cubes and use it to soak up that delicious melted cheese at your next fondue party. 
  • French Toast: A breakfast classic - thick slices of bread, dipped in whisked egg, pan-fried in loads of butter until golden and topped with crispy bacon and golden syrup.
  • Bruschetta: If you have a stale loaf of Ciabatta or French bread, cut it into thin slices, brush with garlicky olive oil and pop on a roasting tray and toast in the oven until golden on both sides. Serve topped with a combination of finely chopped tomato, red onion and basil. 

Find a huge range of freshly baked specialty breads and rolls daily at your local OK.